Collaboration leads to ‘win-win-win’ result for clients

Friday 12 March 2021
Collaboration may be a buzz word in the industry, but at CI Australia, it's far more than that. It's core to the way we do business and sees our teams right across the agency communicate, share knowledge and work together to achieve the best results for our clients.
This is evidenced by recent feedback from our investor network, which saw our North Shore Sales and Leasing teams achieve a successful result for three separate parties, beyond an initial asset sale.

Following the successful auction of two neighbouring retail strata shops in Chatswood’s Lemon Grove for CI client, the landlord, selling agent Addison Hunter assisted the new owner with the next steps - finding tenants for his new investments which had been sold with vacant possession. Collaborating with CI Leasing Executive Dominic Au-Yeung, the team liaised with the agency’s network of active prospective tenants currently seeking such an opportunity, reducing potential downtime for the landlord in this process. Generating discussions with several parties, the opportunity was quickly seized by two separate boutique retailers, one an existing CI client with whom a trusted relationship was already in place.

"This was a win-win-win situation," said CI's Addison Hunter. "Many investors and tenants are facing uncertainty in the post-COVID market and looking to real estate to provide stability - whether it's in the form of immediate returns, future financial growth prospects or a new home for their business following a contraction or expansion. Many operators are willing to make decisions more quickly than in previous years, to capitalise on opportunities as soon as they are available.

"While we always take pride in guiding our clients to realise their property strategies, it’s particularly satisfying after the challenges of 2020 to not only do this but to help new clients and businesses realise success through real estate.”

Dominic Au-Yeung added, "The collaborative and trusted relationships we hold at CI with our clients and colleagues is a leading factor in how we deliver strong outcomes. Investors and tenants will continue to seek such results as the year continues, as they assess the market to understand where the current opportunities lie, and the short and long-term benefits of real estate.”

Alex Xu, the new owner of the retail investment sold by CI, was thrilled with the result. “Thanks for your hard work and professional experience in helping me to find the tenants. The result far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend CI Australia, the best agents in the North Shore Market,” he said.

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