Innovation in design and delivery for Elizabeth Bay Marina

Monday 03 December 2018

A significant innovative upgrade to Sydney's Elizabeth Bay Marina was successfully completed in 2018, future-proofing its 100-year history as a boating fraternity destination.

A coordinated approach between Roads & Maritime Services (Roads and Maritime) – the owner and developer of Elizabeth May Marina; commercial real estate firm CI Australia – the managing agent of the Marina; and property and infrastructure experts APP as the appointed project manager; saw the revitalised Marina officially opened in March 2018. Majority of the boats were relocated to a nearby marina or swing moorings, and using a tender service boat owners were able to access their moored boats throughout the extensive upgrades.

This highly coordinated and aligned team ensured successful management of the project, from development to construction and delivery. Additional external consultants, award-winning architects and structural engineers were engaged to ensure best practice and knowledge was incorporated into the design and delivery of the project.

The major redevelopment of the then-deteriorating structure was commenced in 2016 by Roads and Maritime and CI Australia. Concerns at the time included some berths being in shallow water, causing damage to boats grounding during low tides. Roads and Maritime engaged directly with a diverse stakeholder group, including the public, and held community information sessions, meetings and site visits with key stakeholders to ensure concerns were understood and captured so that they could be considered constructively.

The planning and design of the Marina was focussed on providing a facility that would meet the needs of the boating community in two respects – for a safe and highly functional facility; and one that reduces the impact on the environment. The latter was well considered and applied in a number of ways, including through the reuse of timber, solar panels, rainwater use for unisex amenities, as well as procurement of environmentally friendly products to protect the marine environment. This saw it achieve a NABERS rating of 4+.

The final design of the Marina followed extensive community consultation and feedback that was well received by both boating and non-boating community members, as well as key other key industry stakeholders. The design enabled some of the following key achievements:

• Maintaining boating uses, including berthing for recreational vessels and paddle craft, as well as the passive use of the marina by local residents and visitors of Elizabeth Bay.

• Maintaining a tendering service to enable continuance of the Marina operations by utilising the existing swing moorings in Elizabeth Bay. The kayak clients were provided a temporary relocation opportunity at a nearby facility for the duration of the construction work.

• Incorporating disabled access that has resulted in a kayak storage and launch facility, that has an extensive waiting list due to the desirability of the facilities and amenities, particularly for disabled users

The now future-proofed marina is a leading example for other commercial marinas in Sydney Harbour, as well as around the State in terms of environmental and sustainable design. Positive community feedback continues to be received, evidencing the successful design and delivery of a project that not only meets the needs, but nurtures, the lifestyle and values of its local community.

Elizabeth Bay Marina is also receiving industry accolades; as a finalist in the Property Council of Australia's Innovation and Excellence Awards 'Government Leadership' category; and as the winner of Best Public Building up to $7 million at the Master Builders Association Awards, held at the Star Casino on 3 November 2018.

To learn more about this exciting and successful project, or our extensive Asset Management expertise, contact CI’s Director of Business Development and Innovation, Gary Inberg.



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